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Energy Demand & Supply

Energy Demand & Supply

In the SADC region, the country has a remarkable low national. More +
Energy Sector Governance

Energy Sector Governance

The energy sector in Malawi is governed by the National Energy Policy of 2018. More+

Power Market Structure

Power Market Structure

The Government of Malawi
unbundled a vertically
intergrated. More +
Potential Power Projects

Potential Power Projects

The government has identified
many potential sites
that will be. More +


Director of Energy Affairs- Mr. Hastings Chipongwe

I warmly invite and welcome you to this official website for the Department of Energy Affairs. The website provides information on efforts made so far, status   and future plans for improving the energy sector in Malawi. Malawi, just like other countries, considers energy as the main driver of economic growth; improving delivery of social services; creating investment and employment opportunities; and reducing poverty. The country has identified energy as a priority sector in order to stimulate developments in other sectors of the economy such as Agriculture and Industry. These two sectors contribute about 52% of the National GDP with 33% from Agriculture and 19% from Industry.





What does the Department of Energy Affairs do?
Formulation, articulation, implementation and oversight of the energy policy.
Does the Government have an Energy Policy?
What are the current sources of power in Malawi?
Does Malawi allow Private Investors in the Energy Sector?
What strategy is in place to ensure security in liquid fuels supply?