The Alternative Energy Division (AED) oversees the implementation of Alternative, Clean and Renewable Energy; and Energy Efficiency and Conservation technologies. The Division is mandated among others, to undertake the following activities:

  • Promote the use of energy sources, such as solar, wind, micro/mini hydropower, biomass briquettes, coal and gasses.
  • Undertake research work in the alternative, clean and renewable energy sources and in energy conservation in order to come up with efficient and affordable technologies for their widespread utilization including the use of coal in tobacco curing.
  • Conduct user demonstration and training on proper use of efficient and modern end-use devices for these  sources of energy.
  • Plan and implement development projects in the renewable energy sub-sector.
  • Coordinate renewable energy programmes implemented by both Government institutions and non-governmental organizations.
  • Coordinate the establishment of renewable energy training programmes with the academia.