To ensure sustainable development and utilisation of energy resources for socio-economic growth and development of Malawi.


The Department of Energy Affairs has a shared vision with its Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy  and Mining and is “To be a dynamic, high performance, consultative and client focused department that promotes, builds and ensures sustainable development, utilization and management of energy resources in Malawi”


The mission of the Department of Energy Affairs is “To fully stratify public need for quality modern energy services by effectively governing and facilitating the development of a robust, sustainable and efficient private sector-driven energy industry.”


The Department of Energy Affairs (DoE) was established in 1992 as one of the three departments that constituted the then Ministry of Energy and Mining (MEM).  The other departments were Department of Mines (DoM) and Department of Geological Surveys (DGS). MEM was however abolished in March 1998, following which DoE was reconstituted under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs (MNREA) in 1999. 
For a brief period of three months from 29th March 2004, DoE operated under the jurisdiction of a reconstituted Ministry of Energy and Mining, which however, was dissolved again as part of the new institutional restructuring of the Ministries in June, 2004.  DoE was one of the constituent departments of the Ministry of Mines, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs before another institutional restructuring in 2007.  Currently DoE is one of the constituent departments of the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining (MNREM). 

What we do

Provide overall leadership in matters of downstream energy activities
Oversee the reforms in the energy sector and ensure these reforms are executed efficiently
  • Ensure energy statistics are compiled by all institutions mandated to do so and collected by DoE and that these are updated regularly in consultation with NSO
  • Ensure the policy implementation targets are achieved within the time frames indicated
  • Carry out overall energy supply and demand forecasts with input from the single buyer transmission and distribution company on electricity side
  • Mobilise resources to  bring power (grid extension, mini grids or RE) to rural areas in Malawi
  • Promotion of energy efficiency and energy conservation.
  • Oversee the restructuring of the liquid fuels market
  • Oversee the regulation of the energy sector


The Department of Energy Affairs has three core functions and these are as follows;
1. The formulation and coordination of energy policies, planning, information communication and technology.
2. The provision of rural electrification services.
3. The provision of alternative energy and energy conservation services.
4. Coordination of research and development in the sector

DoE is also technically responsible for the following Parastatal Agencies:
a) Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) Limited, which is responsible for the transmission and distribution of electricity in Malawi;
b) Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) which is responsible for the regulation of the Petroleum Industry; the electricity industry, the renewable energy industry, ethanol, coal industry and all biofuels production and utilization.
c) National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) which is responsible for management of the country's strategic fuel reserve facilities, promote competition in the oil and gas industry and to promote oil and gas exploration activities for stability and security of supply of liquid fuel and gas products
d) Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) which is responsible for generation of electricity in Malawi