Likoma Launch

The government has in response, and through the leadership of His Excellency President Arthur Peter Mutharika brought a state of the art hybrid power generation plant that will be able to supply power for Likoma and Chidzumulu islands for 24 hours, 7 days a week once the project is fully completed.

The hybrid power generation plant comprises both diesel generators and solar panels. This means that it will be able to generate power through diesel generators and also through solar working together. The plant will first start generating power through diesel generators while the solar plant is being set up. Once the solar infrastructure is finalized in mid-2020, power will be supplied mainly through solar and the diesel generators will serve as backup power supply.

The launch of this power plant is a testimony of government’s seriousness in ending power challenges in this country and also increasing access to electricity for the people living in the rural areas. It is the government’s wish, therefore, that each and every part of this country, urban or rural, should have access to affordable, reliable, efficient, sustainable and modern energy through MAREP and leaving no one behind. This is because we know that electricity is the key that unlocks development and improves social delivery services at any place or country.

As we may be aware that Likoma and Chidzumulu Islands are one of the major tourism attraction sites here in Malawi. Therefore we are certain that the coming of stable power will boost tourism on these islands and that it will attract more investors to come and invest in the tourism sector here, who previously may have failed to do so due to the instability of power that was there.