Chipopoma Hydro Power is a community-based project situated in Rumphi District in Mantchewe Livingstonia. The project was initiated by a Local self-made engineer in 2015 with financial help from local social enterprise business owners that is the Mushroom Farm, Naomi Oppriecht and community contributions. With this funding the community managed to procure a 50 KW generator, a locally made turbine, PVC pipes and two maize mills. The system started to operate in 2018 by powering the maize mill in the community. Since the pipes were not of the standard for the penstock of the system it failed after running for few months.

The committee for the project requested Government to provide financial assistance for a power line construction as well as standard pipes for the pen-stocks. The request was granted under Increasing Access to Clean and Affordable Decentralized Energy Services (AICADES) Project being implemented by the Department of Energy Affairs with funding from UNDP and GEF. Standard materials for the generation side as well as the transmission and distribution lines have been procured awaiting installation at the offset of rain season.