This is a Government supported project being implemented by Practical Action Malawi under the “Increasing Access to Clean and Affordable Decentralized Energy Services in Selected Vulnerable Areas of Malawi” project with funding from UNDP with co-funding from, The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP Africa), Department of Energy (MAREP), Mzuzu Coffee Practical ACTION ($328,125). The aim of the project is to provide clean energy sources in the vulnerable areas. The project is located in Usingini area located towards Usisya, Traditional Authority M’bwana in Nkhatabay District. The area under the influence of the project (project area footprint) is 7.3076 hectares of land. However, the actual structures of the micro-hydro power scheme will occupy less than 30 percent of the area. The feasibility study and the designs for the project has been completed and produce.

The project awaits procurement of materials. All the land required for construction of the project structures is owned by the local community under the customary land tenure system and has been donated to the project as part of their community contribution. The area is not supplied with grid electricity and the nearest grid line is located at 20 km away at Bula. The main sources of energy in the area are firewood, charcoal, candles and kerosene for household use; and diesel for commercial activities such as maize mills and coffee processing.

Diesel is sourced from Mzuzu at 60 Km away from the area. The road from Mzuzu to Usingini is in bad condition and is impassable during the rainy season. The implementation of the project to generate electricity will therefore assist the people in the area to meet their energy needs from sustainable energy source. Power generation is expected to be done at Zulunkhuni River which does not dry and it is expected to generate 300 KW with room for expansion in the future.