As the government policy of increasing access to 30% by the year 2030, MAREP in collaboration with ESCOM is implementing Ndawala project that aims at increasing connectivity of rural households. It was noted that after bringing electricity close to households in peri urban and rural areas through MAREP, households were taking long to connect due to inability to meet connection fees hence the introduction of NDAWALA.Therefore, project was introduced to assist low income households with wiring services and connections through a soft loan of MWK55, 000.00. The loan shall be deducted over a period of time when customers are buying energy units and 40% will be deducted from every purchase made. Potential customers are identified by the contractors and certification of the customers is done by ESCOM. Customers are required to pay MWK5, 000 commitment fee. The list of certified customers are submitted to contractors for execution of works. Contractors are involved in wiring of houses while meter connections are done by ESCOM.

Since its commencement last year in 2019, Ndalawa Project has connected 9,156 households across the country out of the planned 12,982 household and hence the project has to its credit a 70% progress so far. Connection of the remaining 3,826 is currently in progress.