Malawi Electricty Access Project

The Government of Malawi with support from the World Bank has conceptualized the Electricity Access Project as part of the implementation modalities for the National Energy Policy 2018. The project is fully aligned with and embedded in the National Electrification Plan sector-wide framework. It currently in the preparatory phase and is expected to kick off the ground in February 2019 and be implemented in a four year period.

The project will upscale electrification efforts that are currently being done by the Government and Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi to ensure that more people in both urban and rural areas of the country are connected to electricity networks through either the main grid or sustainable off-grid systems that will be developed with support from the private sector through the Public Private Partnership approach. The project will also rehabilitate and uprate the power distribution infrastructure to ensure that distribution losses are minimized and improve the reliability of the power distribution networks in the country. The scope of the activities under the project will be three-fold.

Component 1: New on-grid electricity connections 

This component will provide households with an electricity connection by financing medium-voltage (MV) and low-voltage (LV) extensions, service drops, and pre-payment meters. It will also finance investments for up-grading and reinforcing the existing MV and LV network infrastructure for ensuring quality and reliability of supply.

Component 2:  Investment in mini/off-grid systems

The component will support a pilot public-private partnership (PPP) approach in mini-grids, preferably by hybrid generation systems, combining solar or mini-hydro with diesel. Depending on the size of the site, a battery storage hybrid solution with renewable technology could also be considered. Standalone home systems will also be installed as part of the electricity access scaling up approach.

Component 3: Technical Assistance

This component will finance various technical assistance and capacity building activities to ensure the Government of Malawi has adequate technical, planning, and operational capacity to implement the electrification roll-out activities.




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